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The shape of a Catechumenate: A case study of the diocese of Yola Doctoral dissertation. Educational policymakers will learn from this study how teachers can benefit from Lesson Study as a type of professional development and how it can support teachers as they integrate new ideas into classroom practice.

The findings show the power institutional agents possess to influence students through daily contact and sharing the most relevant college readiness information.

It is important to study such programs to understand them as possible models and best practices for addressing spirituality in higher education. Comments Copyright is held by the author. Education as a path to love: Some factors include visibility of the services provided and more specific training for staff.

Catholic generation X school leaders: This study used a qualitative, single site, case study design to address the research questions. A descriptive study of lay Educational dissertations principals perceptions of American Catholic colleges and universities Doctoral dissertation. Collectively, implementation of the technology needed for STEM learning apparently cannot be fully realized if principals lack access due to funding or other circumstances that repress its utilization.

Alhoewel die ongelykhede van die verlede in Jeynes, Williams Abstract The United States Department of Education recommended national school reform to enhance the public school system. Women leaders in Nigerian higher education. The purpose of this study was to explore the journey and experiences of 15 reentry Latino male community college students who achieved academic success after previously departing from the community college for a minimum of one year.

An interdisciplinary examination of academic freedom in Catholic universities. A study of the religious atmosphere of Catholic secondary school. The mystique of being a Jackrabbit and a rich history of academic and athletic excellence merited studying the unique environment of Long Beach Poly High School.

The concept of organizational identity: The problem for high school principals is that they do not feel prepared to be instructional leaders for their school. How lay presidents in Xaverian brothers sponsored schools implement the charism of the Xaverian brothers Doctoral dissertation.

Doctoral dissertation Eruaga, J. This study also revealed that Latino males may depart the community college in pursuit of employment opportunities to contribute to family expenses and to provide for themselves financially. Also, there are some negative factors that need to be addressed to improve the efficacy of these services.

Slater, Charles Abstract Instructional leadership for high school principals is becoming more important as principals are being held increasingly accountable for student achievement results.

Each case involved interviews with student users, interviews with staff, and a review of documents. Towards a Catholic philosophy of education: For love, loyalty, and money: The use of middle states evaluation recommendations.

Symcox, Linda Abstract There is deep and growing concern that the United States is not preparing enough students, teachers, and professional mathematicians and scientists to sustain the economic and scientific development that has made this country great.

The principals had all been on the job for at least one year. The findings indicate a need for social and emotional support within these public middle schools. A qualitative study of the factors that influence 3rd-year teachers to remain in or to leave teaching.

A descriptive study of the espoused and in-use ecclesiology found in selected Lasallian Christian brother colleges and universities Catholic. A case study of the institutionalization of vision by an African-American school principal.

A documentary analysis Doctoral dissertation. Literature reveals that changes in methodology and pedagogy of teachers needs to take place in order to keep education relevant and engaging.

Emerging governance models Doctoral dissertation. A marginal amount of classroom incivility literature has focused on higher education settings; even more scant is the literature that has explored uncivil behaviors in social work education environments.

A way to mitigate this ratio is to educate the teaching staff to help provide key college knowledge in class, as they are the primary contact with students during the school day.

Led by an ethnographic interview qualitative methodology, data was collected via 15 semi-structured interviews of individuals who met the necessary criteria for this study Findings from this study suggest that Latino male students may not be informed or knowledgeable about higher education nor possess the necessary navigational capital to excel at the community college.

Three main themes emerged:The role of principals in maintaining effective discipline among learners in selected Mauritian state secondary schools: an education management model  Belle, Louis Jinot () Learner discipline is one of the pillars of the education system of any country.

Gardner-Webb University Digital Commons @ Gardner-Webb University Education Dissertations and Projects School of Education Effective Leadership: Perceptions of Principals and.

Theses and Dissertations (Educational Leadership and Management)

Dissertations (PDF) [faq collapsed] Jump to Content Jump to improve the quality of teaching and learning in K education are two of the most hotly contested and complex educational issues in contemporary U.S. education. The purpose of this qualitative interview study was to investigate high school principals’ perceptions of.

Brandman University Brandman Digital Repository Dissertations Spring The Perceptions of High School Principals in Three Central and. This study attempted to inform school districts, current and future Linked Learning Pathway principals and community partners of the perceptions of current high school principals’ on school site leadership roles, responsibilities, and the impact of implementing and sustaining LLP’s on their leadership approach.

Educational Leadership, Elementary Education, Language Arts Education, Literacy Education, Literacy Leadership, Principal Perceptions Abstract This dissertation study explores the perceptions of principals as literacy leaders and the enactment of these perceptions in high-need elementary schools.

Educational dissertations principals perceptions
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