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One of the main directions is their employment. The father of Shokan was Shyngys, the agha-sultan, his grandfather was Ualikhan. The lecturers involved in the course training will be equipped with transversal, key competences and skills necessary for their active inclusion in the global digital teaching and learning space.

In the words of the ethnographer Yadrintsevfor Walikhanov European civilization represented "the new Quran of life. Addiction to drawing Chokan influenced surrounding his father's environment - Genghis Valikhanov. There are profound words among the people: Drawing with petroglyphic the image Analyzing his portrait work, graphic drawings, sketches, you can see and understand that Chokan mastered sufficient knowledge about the method and the plastic image of language and method of creating an image in the Shokan ualikhanov essay, as a professional artist.

A great place was devoted to the study of Asian countries, the geographical and political division of Turan. He never returned to St. Dostoevsky wrote from Semipalatinsk on 14 December one of his most enthusiastic letters ever, addressed to his friend Walikhanov: Markov's "Iduschie k verschinam Going to tops [1]; S.

House in a Touranga. Nazarbayev addressed to the People of Kazakhstan with the following message: According to Director of the Kazakh Institute of Geography Akhmetkala Medeu, the expedition gave the opportunity to inquire about changes that took place in population composition, natural conditions and lifestyle throughout the centuries.

The proof is in the works: Self-portrait, sketch The typical image of personalities, truthfulness of an image in Chokan's drawings, is also told about life of society, about historical and social conditions of that period. Chokan Valikhanov - kazakh scientist, traveler, artist the 19th centuries photo Among the galaxy of greatest people of Kazakhstan, takes place the name of Chokan Valikhanov — the scientific orientalist, the traveller, the geographer, the botanist, the ethnographer, a linguistthe artist and at the age of 21 he had elected the full member of Imperial Russian geographical society The economic geography of Russia was studied, including statistics and questions of industrial and agricultural development.

Childhood[ edit ] Shoqan inupon enrolling in the Omsk Military Academy He was born in November in the newly developed Aman-Karagai district within the Kushmurun fort in what is nowadays the Kostanay Province of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Some of them have become famous for scientific researches and geographical discoveries. Manap from a sort Bug - Borambay. The head of the expedition Smailzhan Iminov said that despite the fact that Ualikhanov finished his expedition more that years ago, this region still remains unknown and less explored and a lot of secrets have to be exposed.

Zakon o culture Kazakhstana Law on culture of Kazakhstan First - to enrich the previous experience of the educators in usage of ICT-based educational approaches and content with knowledge and skills how effectively to utilize the facilities, tools and instruments of a Moodle-based VLE in order to: We passed through ridges, intermontane valleys and gorges.

Those trips gave him great pleasure, gave an opportunity to look even closer to the life of the Kazakh people, record folk songs, legends and fairy tales and sketch pictures of life and nature.

The president in his annual messages frequently mentioned about focusing on the social sphere. Walikhanov also mentioned campaigning for a political position in the West-Siberian Governor Generalship, centered in Tobolsk, like his father.

These abilities gave the chance to him comparing to analyze spiritual and material, cultural values of the people, with east and West European culture [5, 45].

At the last courses of geography and ethnography of the Kazakh steppe Shokan helped friends to fill the notebook with their stories. To become the "Mangilik el" all these issues are considered as the main tasks. A lot of researchers of that time wanted to discover it.Shoqan Walikhanov and Fyodor Dostoyevsky While still in Omsk, Dostoevsky had met Shoqan Walikhanov.

In Dostoevsky's opinion, Walikhanov was a brilliant, intrepid person, a scholar and ethnographer, and a talented folklorist. Shokan Ualikhanov () is an outstanding Kazakh scientist-orientalist, a historian, an ethnographer, a geographer, a folklorist, a translator and a traveler.

He was born in in the Kushmurun area not far from Kostanai. Shokan Valikhanov Shokan Valikhanov - scientist, historian, ethnographer and folklorist, traveler, educator.


Father: Chinghis Valikhanov. Mother: Zeynep Chormanova.

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Wife: Aysary Valikhanova. He was born in in the fortress Kusmurun (Kushmurun). At birth he was named Muhammad-Kanapiya and his mother called him Shokan. Shokan Valikhanov was a friend of the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky.

This friendship, that begun in Semipalatinsk, was continued in St. Petersburg. And in in the newspaper” Russian disabled” last work of Shokan Valikhanov about the rise of Dungan in the Qing Empire was published.

Since Shokan began to study in Omsk Siberian Cadet Corpus, which was considered the best educational institution in Siberia. Much attention there was paid to the geography of Kazakhstan, as well as the history of the Kazakh people.

- Shokan Valikhanov finished military school in Omsk with poet S.F. Durov. - First trip to Semirechie. National Geographic Silk Road Exhibition Returns to Kazakhstan Along Shokan Ualikhanov’s Caravan Track, an educational expedition organised by the National Geographic Society and dedicated to the th anniversary of the scholar’s birth, came back to Kazakhstan on Aug.

6. National Geographic Society representatives, as well as Ordenbek.

Shokan ualikhanov essay
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